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The Upside of Being Off Your Game.
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The Upside of Being Off Your Game.

We are now many weeks into the COVID-19 social distancing life and, for the sport-enthused population, these 4 - 6 weeks have felt like an eternity away from the game (and the teammates) we love.

Athletes are most definitely missing the structured training routines from certified coaches, trainers, and specialized equipment that is crucial to their overall development. But what if athletes come out of this thriving and better than ever? What if this COVID-19-induced stoppage of routine (and bouncing from one commitment to the next) is providing the break in training that they didn't realize they needed? Guilt-free time to pause and reflect; to think... and innovate.

Hear me out. 

Having no structure forces us to unlock our mind and think outside the box (or rink… or field...) so unstructured training can actually be a way to get ahead of your competition. Why? Because you will try things you've never thought about trying, you'll break your habits (some of which were bad and you didn't even know it), and you'll innovate. That's what happens when you are forced to do things differently. True sports creativity can be ignited by change. It challenges the validity of your habits and sharpens your focus on what really matters.

Rest is a weapon, so embrace these unprecedented times and get creative in your personal development both mentally and physically.

Keep this in mind when things go back to "normal". Instead of complaining about not having enough ice time, remember your COVID-19 time-out when you shot pucks in the garage, or at that old sheet of plywood beside your  house. Maybe that was when you finally perfected your slap shot...

So channel that creative energy and challenge yourself to think of different ways to solve your training problems when 'perfect' conditions don't exist.

It's easy to complain about why things are bad, but it's way more fun—and productive— to use the time off your game to find creative ways to get on your game. 


- Kip Simon 

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