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School doesn't suck.
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School doesn't suck.

If you're able to read this, you probably went to school. (my first point).

Don't get me wrong, the last day of school before summer is exciting as hell and the song "School's out for summer" by Alice Cooper is an absolute banger.

...But School doesn't suck; And when I hear it voiced aloud from kids or young adults, it makes me cringe.  No, it doesn't suck— and we should be correcting each other when we hear it. 

Why? If School sucks, then work is going to suck, your team is going to suck— and then your life will probably "suck" too.  

School is a challenge, on so many levels— no doubt.  But it is what you make of it which can be defined hilariously by Urban Dictionary:

Phrase used to describe a situation or place that by all objective measures, sucks, but can be made less sucky by luck or hard work. Makes you wholly responsible for your attitude.

(I love that last line)

If you say it to be true...

I am on a big Mind Body kick, and think now, more than ever, the power of self-talk is important— especially in youth of today.

Self-talk is a powerful tool for increasing confidence and side-lining the negative emotions. Kids; start early and master this skill set to be more confident, motivated and productive.  Parents; I don't think there is too early an age to get started on explaining the importance of this.

School is School and you have complete control of your happiness while in attendance.



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