The Flagship LKR Room Expansion

The Flagship LKR Room Expansion

It's almost been a year since we literally kicked the wall down to expand our store and enhance your shopping experience and we haven't stopped adding features since.  Check out the latest:

  • Leather Couches
  • 85" Plasma TV
  • Major Sound System
  • Retro Nintendo 
  • Bar w/ Beer Fridge
  • 16 Maple Athlete Lockers
  • Bat Rack
  • Bleacher Seating/Clothing Display
  • Custom Gym Benches

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  • Sandy Wilson

    How’re you today? I want to place an order from your company? Do you ship to the Denmark? and accept credit cards? Do you also work on weekends? What is the name of your credit card processing merchant you run your credit card charges with? Kindly answer my questions and we can proceed further.

    Sandy Wilson.

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