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Playlist: Bus Trips and Big Headphones
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Playlist: Bus Trips and Big Headphones

Music: The forever legal PED in Sport.

I think music plays a huge role in an athletes performance and so does science; At-least that's what the Internet says.

During the last two decades, advancements in technology have allowed music to grow into being an effective intervention to achieve a range of desirable psychological and performance effects among athletes.  These same advancements have given athletes another piece of flair that looks a sh** ton cooler than the 40 second anti-skip Panasonic Shock Wave clipped to their belt.  From massive headphones, to Apple’s new Air Pods, athletes are looking and feeling more dialled than ever hopping off the team bus.

We’ve consulted with our team of Staffletes, Sponsored Athletes and friends in the Trap (kidding) to compile this playlist; Bus Trips and Big Headphones.  It's all over the map, but we've all been on those bender trips and sometimes you need to let a Sum 41 track rip.  Remember, if you've got your headphones on, it's no ones business but your own.  


And of course, applaud, suggest tracks, or chirp our selection below. Oh and make sure to Follow the Playlist because we're bossy like that.

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