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spring 23— 02.17
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spring 23— 02.17

Spring 23: Underdogs - A Collection Inspired by the Understated and Unexpected.

In a world where society often dictates who should be at the top, it's the underdogs who dare to dream beyond the limits of their reality and beat all odds to get there. Underdogs, our latest spring 23 collection, is a celebration of those who push past the boundaries of what's expected of them and come out on top.

The collection features premium basics such as an all-new light weight spring fleece in 280gsm, white drawcords, retro boxing club styling, athletic greys— and or own twist on mesh gym wear. Each piece is designed to embody the spirit of the underdog athlete and help you showcase your confidence and determination, regardless of your social status.

In sports and in fashion, the underdog story is a familiar one. The athlete who's counted out, the team who's expected to lose, or the brand that's up against larger, more established competition. But it's often these underdogs who go on to become legends, inspiring others with their perseverance and determination.

Underdogs is more than just a clothing drop, it's a symbol of what can be achieved when you believe in yourself and use whatever tools you have to be at the top of your game. Whether you're an athlete on the field or a fashionista on the street, this collection will help you showcase your strength, courage, and drive.

Step up and show the world what you're made of, the Underdogs collection is for you. Whether you're a seasoned athlete or simply looking to elevate your street style, this collection is designed to help you channel your inner underdog and seize your moment. 

Get ready to unleash your potential on 02/17/23

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