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Shaping the Future: How Role Models Create Role Models
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Shaping the Future: How Role Models Create Role Models

The other day, while coaching with our U13 Tigers hockey team, I had the opportunity to witness the power of role models firsthand.

Before practice at the Brand Centre (home of the Regina Pats), our young athletes ran into none other than Connor Bedard, the highest-rated and most talked-about hockey player in the world, as he was leaving the rink.

One of our injured players, determined not to miss the chance at giving the Tigers a chance at meeting Connor, stayed behind while his team hit the ice in hopes of catching him on his way out of the rink— and there he was: #CB98. Not only did Connor take the time to chat with our player, he went the extra mile to pop onto our bench to say hi to the Tigers.

The impact of this encounter was profound— it literally stopped our practice in its tracks. The kids smiles could be seen from space; They have been in awe of his skill and talent on the ice, but a new deeper respect was instantly revealed; his attitude off the ice and willingness to make time for them— and of course his "sick jacket and overall steeze". 

Let this experience remind us of the ripple effect role models can have. By showing up and being a positive influence, role models like Connor can inspire the next generation of athletes and role models.

Wed love to hear similar stories from you in the comments below!

- Kip

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