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Fresh Cotton. It's Science, Bro.
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Fresh Cotton. It's Science, Bro.

A few weeks ago we released a product out of necessity; The Fresh Cotton MVMT Tee.  Since it's launch, we've fielded (get it? - baseball, right?a few questions, and here are some answers:

- What is Fresh Cotton?

 We took a premium jersey cotton blend and injected it with a shot of Lycra® (spandex) to ensure it performs when you do.  We like to move a lot. Whether it's reaching deep for the remote control buried in the couch or dunking on your friend in a pick up game of basketball, this tee will cause 0 restriction. 

- Why does it cost more than your other T-shirts?

*Elephant enters the room.  The Fresh Cotton Tees (and hoodies) are designed from scratch and each piece is hand "cut n' sewed" (<-- buzz word) in Portland OR.  We took our sweet-ass time perfecting the length, the cut, and the weight of these pieces.

- How many days in a row can I wear this?

If you're looking for a return on your investment in regards to the above question, here it is.  This will be a tee/hoodie you can "go-to" on numerous occasions. Its versatility is amazing.  

- Going on a Sev run but worried you might run into someone cool? - Fresh Cotton

- Important meeting? Layer it and throw a blazer over it. - Fresh Cotton

- Couch luge on a Sunday for NFL all day? - Fresh Cotton

- Travelling? - Fresh Cotton

- Will you do a photo shoot of me wearing this while hungover and eating Cheetos?

Hell Yes, please submit photos to

*Give Fresh Cotton a try today and save 15% with promo code 22FC


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  • Agnes Viczko
    Agnes ViczkoJuly 14, 2018

    Looking for Humboldt Strong t-shirts

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