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The science behind the "Flat Brim Hat"
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The science behind the "Flat Brim Hat"

We've teamed up with one of the owners (and Lead Designer) of Usonia Homes, Derek Mcdonald, to bring you some Sports Science.  To bend, or iron the beak of your cap has been argued in the world of Street and Sport since I was in College.  I'm not gonna run the numbers because there would be math involved, but it's been a long time.  Were the guys with flat brims just pretenders? Were the guys with wicked curves on the brim just getting off the tractor? Were they bending (or not bending the brim) to shade their eyes from the sun? 

Derek broke it down in a fancy CAD drawing (show off) and leaves us with the following science to argue over for another 10 years.

Derek writes:

With a baseline height established (ear line), as well as a constant arc length (brim), it becomes clear that the bending of the brim of the hat decreases the width of coverage by almost 20%.  The misconception that a curved brim could block more sun from different angles could only be true if the lowest portion of the brim was below the ear line.

What team are you on? Regardless, remember, whether you bend the shit out of your brim or not, own it and keep your chin up. 

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