That one time we flew to Miami to meet Michael Morse.

Its been almost 4 years since Kiriako and I flew to Florida (Home of the Beast, Michael Morse) and it got me thinking that time really does fly (pun - boom) when you're having fun.  We were still in #GrindMode at this stage in our company which has its pros and cons.  Pro, for example, looking the other way when it comes to the cost of flying down a photographer (with a sh** ton of gear) across the continent all in the name of an unforgettable experience that we trusted would pay off.  Since the moment Michael hopped out of his custom purple/maroon Benz and gave me one of those fancy MLB Shugs, he's been a role model to myself and my staff.  Check the video we made during the shoot and start following Michael on and off the field.  He's a leader and a role model, and he lives #TheFreshLife

- The Freshident