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Explained: The Fresh Balls Underwear Design.
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Explained: The Fresh Balls Underwear Design.

If you've got dumps like a truck and thighs like what, you've battled in the under wear scene.  We feel your pain, literally. I remember our coach in college would run us until we puked, or in my case, until my thighs bled. 

Serge (Our Creative Director with a big ol' package) and I hit the drawing board with hopes of solving BSTL, wedgies, thigh creep, wolf bite, thigh rub, swalls, package roll-over, and that horrible feeling of your underwear sliding down your ass after you make an athletic movement.  

After months in the fitting lab and research on the perfect material for todays Athlete, we think we've come up with the best pair of underwear for the Street and Sport athlete.  22Fresh Fresh Balls Performance Underwear have the following Features:

- COOLMAX polyester and LYCRA spandex for the perfect fit and performance

- Tapered front pouch for keeping your parts in position

- Extended legging for protection when sliding and grinding

- Performance waistband

- Non-abrasive seams for comfort

- Form-shaped rear panel for the perfect personal fit

- Wedgie-proof arched rear panel



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