Do you throw Muffins or Grapefruits? The Science behind throwing a heavy ball.

If you've been around a baseball field at any point in your life, you've probably heard the term "That dude throws a heavy ball".  So what the hell does that mean?  Well, I think I know what it means, and I think I am right, but I welcome feedback and even trolls.

Next time you play catch with someone, keep an eye on the rotation of the ball.  As it approaches your glove, is it losing velocity? Do the rotations of the ball become loose? If so, I would argue that this catch partner does not throw a heavy ball. Regardless of his or her violent arm motion and actual velocity of the throw, it is landing in your glove like a muffin, not a grape fruit. Your partner throws muffins.

On the contrary, if your partner is whipping the sh** out of the ball and pulling down on the seams like a savage, I think you will find his ball to hit your mitt heavy.

More RPM. More backspin -- I think heavy balls stay faster, longer and result in the sensation of a heavy ball.

It's Science, right?

Login and post your thoughts below or forever hold your peace.

- Freshident


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  • LoCalQuaSar666

    SCIENCE!!! It’s all Magnus.

  • Scotty

    This is pretty common knowledge. How the ball moves towards you in a vector from hand to glove is its velocity and the impact is heavy based on its spin.

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