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Custom Sublimated Hockey Pant Shell

Engineered with comfort as a top priority, these premium 230 GSM 100% Polyester PU Coated Pant Shells offer full customization to impeccably reflect your team's unique look, style, and attitude.

custom jersey program

Give us a vibe. We'll handle the rest.

Team work makes the dream work.

Pro Lace Faux Lace

Premium double faux lace with underlay for that pro look without the headache of strings falling out.

Premium Fabric

The perfect weight for a durable, lightweight jersey featuring a honeycomb texture for added style and breathability.

Pro Scallop

Our scalloped bottom hem adds length in the back and a scallop on the hips allowing for maximim mobility— and of course, style.

Squad Goals?

Every player deserves a name bar.

Feeling good is a huge part of your success on the ice— and at 22Fresh we believe every athlete deserves the feeling of seeing your name on the back of YOUR jersey. You've earned it. Work with our team to ensure we have your team stepping on the ice feeling their best.