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A Match Made in Baseball Heaven: 22Fresh x Dubble Bubble
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A Match Made in Baseball Heaven: 22Fresh x Dubble Bubble

Have you ever caught a glimpse of baseball dugout during a game— the squad chewing gum, having fun and rallying behind their teammates? No doubt, you'll spot at least three buckets of Dubble Bubble in the background. Dubble Bubble chewing gum has been a staple in baseball dugouts and locker rooms across the world for generations thanks to Mel Gordon—Where there is baseball, there is Dubble Bubble. With baseball coursing through the veins of both 22Fresh and Dubble Bubble, it was only natural for these two brands to come together in a collaboration destined to please the baseball gods. 

Dubble Bubble, Meet Dubble Deuce.

Our initial release showcases our summer logo mark that intertwines seamlessly with the legendary Dubble Bubble logo. This fusion graces classic pieces such as t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and two standout items—the Headband and the 6-gallon baseball bucket. After all, what could hit harder than a bucket of gum? Well, the answer lies in a 6-gallon bucket overflowing with pearls (brand new white baseball).

Dubble Bubble has always reminded me to take a moment, unwind, and embrace pure enjoyment. With this collection, we aim to deliver the same sense of carefree fun to you.

As the 22Fresh x Dubble Bubble collaboration unfolds, it brings together the timeless essence of baseball and the complete joy encapsulated by Dubble Bubble. This partnership pays homage to the spirit of the game, offering a collection that is both playful and nostalgic. So, let loose, indulge in some gum-chewing nostalgia, and let this collaboration transport you back to a simpler time when all that mattered was having a damn good time on the diamond.

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- Kip Simon



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