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Custom Fresh Maple


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Custom Fresh Maple


Choose from 3 models and Fresh color combos. 

*Bat production will take between 4-7 business days.


The P-Rod is inspired by the infamous C271. Its arguably the most popular model in all of baseball because of its incredible balance. It has a slightly flared knob that goes into a .925” handle and a gradual transition into the barrel that measures 2.461”. We've cut these to weigh in at -3

Smash Stick:

The Smash Stick is similar in build to an M110. It features a slightly flared .96” handle, conventional knob, and a 2.463” barrel.  We've constructed these with a -3 weight.  A great stick for a player that likes a balanced swing or is just transitioning from Metal to Wood.

The Rake:

The Rake is similar to the traditional C243 in shape. It's the ultimate "thin handle, big barrell" bat that requires a swollen set of forearms. The handle is .925” with a conventional knob and a 2.555” meaty barrel and the weight is set at a -2. This is an end-loaded bat and a power hitters dream.