22Fresh continues partnership with SJHL

22Fresh continues partnership with SJHL

The Hockey is Family collection was created to display the importance of Family in Sport.  Family can take on many definitions; from your immediate family, to your host family, to the brothers and sisters you tape shin pads next to before battle.

Playing hockey at any level can be demanding on both the body and the mind.  In times of triumph, we're family.  In times of tragedy, we're family.  We've recently witnessed it first-hand with the tragedy in Humboldt and we realize now, more than ever, the importance of family.

We are continuing our partnership with the SJHL on this initial launch. Together, we will distribute funding to the SJHL Assistance Program. 


  • Tara Jennings

    Would like to get the Humboldt Tees in time for Christmas. Are these restocked now?

  • Rene Cannon

    Please let me know where I may be able to purchase these in time for Christmas? Thank you, Rene

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